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May always means Myrtle Beach and the Southeastern Rally. But, it also means the Burn Camp Run. Our BCR consists of riding to Chapel Hill to Camp Celebrate, a weekend camp for children burn survivors. Most of what we do is put on an impromtu bike show for the kids and answer alot of questions about Harleys and motorcycles in general. We also take several photo's of us and the kids. It's not a bad deal really, since they feed us too. (you know Firemen, "if it's free, it's for me!")

The ride up there only takes a couple of hours and it's all backroads and old highways, we avoid the superslabs.

Folks, you need to make this ride, the more the better. This is for the kids. If you don't make any other rides, make this one.

Last year Andy Merritts bike broke down on him at home. But instead of bailing out, he rode "BITCH" on his dad's. Before you laugh too loud, think about it, he was there! Where were you?? That takes real heart.

The BCR meeting place is the TEXACO ( Editors note: proud sponsor of RICKY RUDD on the NASCAR #28 FORD) on highway 49 in Harrisburg at 7:30am. BCR patchs will be sold for $10 each. 100% of the money goes to the Firefighter's Burned Childrens Fund.

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