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We are pleased to announce that we have a new Chapter Director. His name is Grant Eagle and he hails from Concord, NC. When Grant took office in January it was "out with the old blood, in with the new!" Murph will still be hanging around, :( , but just to keep the lies and stretched truths going.

Seriously, We are all looking forward to having a new leader. We know that there will be a re-newed interset in the club and its functions with Grant at the helm. Heck, he's already been on my case about the webpage being updated that I fely guilty enough to actually do something!! This coming in the middle of building a house, taking the wife to the doctor, working, and riding. ( OK not really riding because of the first three).

All jokes aside, Congratulations Grant. Murph says its a tough job to get a bunch of firemen to get together and do things. I hope you have as much enjoyment leading as we will following.

We welcome you to the Southern Chapters little place on the web. We hope to inform other Firefighters who ride Harley-Davidsons of our club and its purpose. Our chapter was formed in 1994 with 7 original members. Since its inception, over 40 Firefighters and 10 associates have united to form one of the largest chapters in the world.

In 1996 our annual Burn Camp run was established. Every year since then a group of us travel over 130 miles to Camp Celebrate in Chapel Hill, NC where we put on a mini bike show for North Carolina burn victims attending.

The year 1998 saw the Southern Chapter become the first to create a website to reach more brothers to recruit and unite them into our club. We continually try to improve the site with usefull info we think they will enjoy.

Another first formed in 1999, a regional rally to bring together area Chapters. We named it the "Southeastern Rally" and hold it in Myrtle Beach parralell to the Myrtle Beach Rally in May. It is a take-off of the National Rally held annually in Sturgis.

With the year 2000 now in place, we will hold the first annual "Blue Ridge Meet" in Ashville, NC. It will simply be a place for brother chapters to gather to tell and swap stories. A rough draft was held last year and went over very well.

With all that said, please look around to share some of the memories we tell. We hope they last for a long to the people involved. We also would like to extend an invitation to all Firefighters that ride Harleys to cosider joining ours or any chapter near you. Theres nothing better in the world than Fightin' fires and Ridin' Harley's. Thank God we get to do both!

For inquries about joining the Southern Chapter e-mail Grant Eagle Our Chapter Director

For problems or comments on this web page e-mail Mike Smith , webmaster

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